Rumor Control: Fake ConEd Workers Robbing People At Gunpoint?

Earlier this summer, there were reports that fake ConEd workers were going around the Ditmas area of Brooklyn, trying to get access into people homes. Now in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, which left a bunch of down trees and thousands without power in the tri-state area, rumors are bubbling  that ConEd imposters are robbing people at gunpoint in Yonkers and Brooklyn.

The rumors started to surface throughout Facebook this morning, with friends warning each other of the fakes.

Facebook rumors about fake ConEd

We put in a call to 311 to find out what should be done if you feel you’ve encountered one of the phonies. Yet, shot in the dark, it’s probably not a good idea to let someone into your home without proper I.D. As for the police, well, let’s just say they have their hands full at the moment, what with all the phone and liquor store looting going on.

[Cited/Photo via: Ditmasparkcorner]



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