Today’s Hip Hop: The Drug Era

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Hip hop always seems to go through phases where it takes a theme and runs it into the ground. A good example is gangsta rap in the 90’s and now it seems that we are in the Drug Era of Hip Hop.

The drug culture within hip hop seems to be stronger than it’s ever been. Almost every recent hip hop song mentions the popular drug molly. As a hip hop fan, this is a serious problem because the certain drugs being mentioned in present day hip hop are potentially deadly,  effected hip hop artist and fans alike, and is sadly influencing some of hip hop’s zombie like fan base to do drugs.

A concern for me is Molly and Promethazine based drinks ( referred to as dirty sprite, lean, or syrup) are being mentioned in so many songs and a lot of them being mainstream. Molly is mentioned in so many songs it’s as if the drug is being promoted through the music. I was able to count at least 22 songs off my head that mentioned Molly and Promethazine based drinks, with more than half of those songs being songs played on the radio. Rap artist Tyga even made a song called “Molly.” If a rapper does these drugs then that’s fine, but why do they have to be mentioned in so many songs? A lot of users of these drugs feel it is harmless; however the experts beg to differ.

I will use my findings on HealthCentral to briefly educate you hip hop zombies on both drugs:


Molly can cause high blood pressure, substantially increased heart rate, and other stressors on the heart that can cause long term damage. Molly can keep you up for consecutive days at a time but can also make you bed ridden; ask Joe Budden. I’ve found several reports that more and more users of molly are being admitted into emergency rooms for taking the drug. The dehydration from molly can go unnoticed for extended periods on end which can cause organs to fail. So when you “pop the molly” and start “sweatin” you may be dying and not even know it. Now let’s move on to lean.

Promethazine can cause convulsions, delirium, rapid heartbeat, tremors, and a long list of other problems. I cannot understand why hip hop promotes this drug even after it’s had such a negative effect on it’s own artists. Lean took the life of one of my favorite rap artist “Pimp C”. He was legendary in the south and you’d think his passing would promote hip hop to speak out against using the drug but it seems like it’s being promoted now more than ever even after his death. Ask rap artist Future who even made a mixtape call “Dirty Sprite.”tumblr_m5oqhtXF6v1r9ayw9o1_500

Future even dedicated a song to the late Pimp C entitled “Long Live the Pimp”, but the problem is within the same song the artist promoted the same drug that killed Pimp C. Does that make any sense to you? Even with his passing the drug is still promoted heavily within hip hop music. Why are these drugs being promoted to the fans when it’s killing off the artists? Even through the death of the pimp and the possible contribution to other artist health problems, dangerous drugs are still worshiped in rap music. Rumor has it that these drugs may have contributed ( along with other factors) to the seizures suffered by Rick Ross and Lil Wayne. These of course are just rumors, but the way Pimp C passed away these rumors aren’t hard for me to believe.

So let’s say that hip hop develops a drug dependent fan base it’s only right that we blame hip hop, right?….Wrong! The problem with hip hop fans is a lot of them don’t have an objective mind. A lot of them just can’t listen to a song for pure entertainment, but they actually want to live out what they hear in the lyrics of songs. What I’m stressing is no matter how many molly or dirty sprite based songs you hear, you can like them without having to indulge in the drug.

You’d be surprised how many of my Facebook and Instagram friends take pictures of a molly before popping the pill or a cup full of promethazine based drinks. It’s one thing to put your life at risk from taking these drugs, but why incriminate yourself? Hip hop fans, you must have a mind of your own because the truth is very few songs in today’s mainstream hip hop climate promote living a positive lifestyle.

Before I end this piece I want to say I’m not judging those who take molly or drink promethazine based drinks. In my mind if you want to take the risk with the drug and you know the possible consequences by all means help yourself; who am I to judge? I’m not the most drug free person in the world I’ll smoke and drink from time to time. My only problem is these drugs are being mentioned too much in hip hop. If these drugs were mentioned in just a few songs that would be fine by me, but I have to speak out against deadly drug promotion through the music since it seem that no one else that I know of cares.

Only God knows why drugs that can be potentially deadly to hip hop artists and the fans are promoted through the music. With that being said DO NOT stop listening to hip hop! Just be wise enough not to live out the negative, detrimental, and even idiotic themes that hip hop sometimes presents to us. I don’t know about you guys but I miss Pimp C and I just hope no other rappers drop dead anytime soon from these drugs. Point being, you don’t need to damn near kill yourself to have a good time. I’ll stick to a drink and smoke here and there when I kick it, you guys can keep the other stuff.

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