College Curlies: 5 Easy Hairstyles

natural hair is beautiful 50 College Curlies: 5 Easy Hairstyles

It is already a month in and the back-to-school season is here to stay. It is that time where the textbook piles get higher and the amount of term papers and assignments increase. With the added workload comes excitement, some anxiety, and ultimately some determination to do your absolute best whether you are going to college for the first time or you are heading back for another semester.

When the free time in your schedule and event planners become increasingly non-existent, it is easy to forget your curly mane. Sometimes, you may only have five minutes between the time you are taking off your satin cap and rushing out of the door.

Here are five easy hairstyles for you college curlies on the days you are low on time:

Twist, spritz, seal, out the door

You can twist your hair the night before, spritz with water, seal with moisturizers (such as leave-in conditioners and/or your favorite essential oils), and go to sleep with a satin cap covering your head. In the morning, take off your head cap, repeat the spritz and seal method, and you are good to go. This style works for all lengths of hair.

Hashtag #BunLife

Get a scrunchie, collect your hair into a high or low bun, slick down your edges if you want, and head to class. Be sure to alternate between your range of high to low buns. It will cause less stress on your hairline.

French or Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are usually done with a part to the side and French braids can be done with a part straight down the middle. These styles can take about five to ten minutes during your daily prep routine.

Cornrowed Hairstyles

This hairstyle comes with three benefits: protective styling, moisture flexibility for your hair from root to tip, and a great way to use your creativity.

When in doubt, ‘fro it out

When ideas escape you and/or your hair chooses the wrong day to have a mind of its own, the ‘fro is your closest confidante in those hurried minutes of getting ready. Make sure your hair is moisturized, gently fluff the ‘fro (emphasis on gently) with a pick comb, and you have yourself a fantastic hairstyle for the day. Extended ‘fro days can produce tangles and eventually hair breakage, so have a detangle method ready or wear this hairstyle only when you are in the mood for a ‘fro.

During your stay at college, these hairstyles will be your best friends. They are low maintenance, help to prevent hair breakage, and can be really cute.

Happy studying and styling!

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2014 Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show

IMG 2471 e1412304196767 450x600 2014 Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show

The weekend of Saturday, Sept. 20 and Sunday, Sept. 21 marked Toronto’s annual Natural Hair & Beauty Show at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre. Organized by Stephanie Joseph and Marsha Natural Butterfly Patterson, the show’s Facebook event page confirmed 198 people in attendance who were either seeking information, learning, or cat-walking down the runway to celebrate beauty, fashion, and natural hair.

The 2014 Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show catered to over 50 vendors ranging from hair and skin care products, jewelry, traditional and herbal nutrition products, and websites making a debut or just stopping by the show. Five hair designers Eugenia Forskin, LaShawn Benning, Hair by Glenna, Shauna Edwards, and Camille Kennedy along with six fashion designers Beni Boo Styles, Unitees, Victorious Me, Ophilia’s Kurves, Size Sexy, SexyPlus Clothing showcased what it meant to be in vogue, beautiful, and natural at the same time.

Toronto’s largest natural hair and beauty show, once known once as the Nappy Hair Fair, featured naturals from all walks of life. The Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show began in 2003 with the intention to “[push the Black] community to rethink and challenge old racial stereotypes …[and] to advance the black community, seeking to provide [an] outlet for community support around issues of natural hair, health and wellness,” according to the show’s website. Naturals came from near and far to inform, discuss, and display the natural hair world and what it means on a community and individual level while rocking their locs, faded cuts, braids, or TWAs (the “Teeny Weeny Afros”).

Jennifer and Espy Thomas came all the way from Detroit, Michigan to spread love the natural way. The sisters founded Naturally FLYY, Detroit’s largest natural hair meet-up group. Jennifer has been natural for 11 years and Espy for 15 years. Their friend, Stephanie Alston has been natural all of her life: 33 years.

When asked about her natural hair journey, Jennifer Thomas’ answer was clear: “Don’t obsess over products and hair texture.”

For many people, the natural hair movement was not only about hair; it was also about a different approach to living.

“Naturalness carries over to many other things like clothing and healthy living,” said Stephanie Alston.

There were 25 workshops that dealt with the holistic approach to being natural with topics raging from dealing with alopecia to vegan foods in addition to African dancing and networking within the natural blogosphere.

Although the majority of people at the show celebrated the natural state of their hair and its versatility, there was a naysayer in the crowd.

Nadia, one of the models from the fashion show was natural all of her life and permed her hair. For her, it was a bad decision.

“I personally don’t like my natural hair,” said Nadia, “but it’s what I have to do.”

Evelyn Oteng-Pabi was on a different wavelength when it came to her hair. She was natural for 15 years and the show re-affirmed her decision to get dreads. For people who thought about transitioning to their natural tresses or to go bold with a big chop, Oteng-Pabi had one piece of advice:

“Just like Nike, just do it.”

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[Listen] Jaden Smith – Blue Ocean

ufghwj0p58lbxsepus7r 400x400 [Listen] Jaden Smith   Blue Ocean

via SoundCloud

Jaden Smith is a weird character, but aside from all his “philosophical” Twitter msucings the kid has a knack for making thought-provoking music. Even if the thoughts are “What?”

Earlier today Jaden decided to release ‘Blue Ocean’ on his sister WIllow Smith’s SoundCloud account and she’s also featured on there.

Listen Below


[Listen] Rah Digga – Angela Davis

rah digga angela davis 400x400 [Listen] Rah Digga   Angela Davis

Rah Digga drops off a single after her unsavory comments about Iggy Azalea. Listen to “Angela Davis” below.


[Listen] Big Sean – “Paradise,” “IDFWU,” “Jit/Juke,” & “4th Quarter”

bs [Listen] Big Sean   Paradise, IDFWU, Jit/Juke, & 4th Quarter

The past few months have been pretty interesting for hip-hop’s Detroit player. Between getting engaged to his actress girlfriend to breaking off the engagement, then seeing her marry someone else less than a couple months later, getting a new girl, releasing a new sneaker, and now being signed to Roc Nation, his life seems anything but uneventful at the moment.

None of that stopped him from dropping four brand new songs in one day, with production from Kanye West, DJ Mustard, Mike Will Made It, and Key Wane, including one where he takes shots at his ex-fiancee. A great way to start things off with the Roc, and also ups the anticipation for his next album. Here are the singles “Paradise,” “IDFWU” feat. E-40, “Jit/Juke,” and “4th Quarter” (which we assume is the continuation to 1st Quarter) from Big Sean.

Source/IMG: Rap-Up

Nicki Minaj Album Said To Have No Features

IMG 0165 Nicki Minaj Album Said To Have No Features

Nicki Minaj released two singles “Anaconda” and “Pills N’ Potions” from her forthcoming album said to be titled “The Pink Print,” which has been well received by the public. The Queens rapper is really shedding it all and pumping up the creativity for her upcoming album sampling artists like Sir Mix-A-Lot on her song “Anaconda.” She stated that Drake submitted some songs for the album but has not made an official song for the album as of yet.

In efforts to promote the album she also covered Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone.”

She went on to tweet on Aug. 5, “Like I’ve said many times, There are NO features on THE PINKPRINT as of now. Just enjoying this creative process. #AnacodaOniTunes.”

Nicki Minaj’s last album didn’t do as well as she anticipated, so let’s hope this album is better than the last and lives up to the hype.

Listen to her most recent cover for “No Flex Zone” here:

Source: Hiphopdx, Soundcloud| Picture: Twitter

Rita Ora X Adidas Originals Collab

IMG 9577 Rita Ora X Adidas Originals Collab

Aug. 21 marks the date for the release of Roc Nation artist Rita Ora’s collaboration with Adidas Originals. The sportswear company already collaborated with artists such as Jeremy Scott and Teyana Taylor.

The line is streetwear inspired and features “R.O. (Rita Ora)” badges and logos on the collection pieces. The collection is said to feature items such as crop tops, sneakers, mesh skirts, etc. We have some examples of the work below:

IMG 9580 Rita Ora X Adidas Originals Collab

IMG 9578 Rita Ora X Adidas Originals Collab

IMG 9579 Rita Ora X Adidas Originals Collab



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Trash or Glam? Jhene Aiko’s New Hairstyle: Faux Locs!

Preparing for her upcoming album, Souled Out, singer, Jhene Aiko, has also changed her hair to faux locs!

How do you feel about the hair change? I personally think she looks gorge!

IMG 9576 Trash or Glam? Jhene Aikos New Hairstyle: Faux Locs!

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First Picture of Lil’ Kim’s Daughter “Royal Reign”

Lil’ Kim’s daughter Royal Reign is adorable!!! Looks more like her father though…

IMG 9575 First Picture of Lil Kims Daughter Royal Reign

Source: BossChicks | Image: BossChicks

Dwayne Wade In Foreclosure!

IMG 9574 Dwayne Wade In Foreclosure!

According to TMZ, Miami Heat player Dwayne Wade’s Chicago house is in foreclosure! The bank is said to have sent notice of the foreclosure on Aug. 11. The $30 million per year player toppsed making payments on the $225,000 home.

The six-bedroom home located in South Holland, is where he once lived with ex-wife Siovaughn and their two kids until their divorce in 2007. After the divorce, he retained custody of the children but his ex-wife kept the house. Although, Siovaughn stopped making payments on the house after the settlement, the house remains in Wade’s name.

Tsk, tsk on Wade. He could have simply paid off the house so the mother of his children at least had a place of residence.

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