Solange Knowles; An Artist, All On Her Own

sk 266x400 Solange Knowles; An Artist, All On Her Own
Its only natural for siblings to be compared against each other, but what happens when your sister is one of the greatest R&B singer, and arguably the most iconic figure of the past decade? Well, chances are you’re Solange knowles. However, the comparison has always been unjust. Considering that the two have completely different styles and cater to different audiences. Solange states,in her interview with The Daily Mail;

“People think there should be this great rivalry between us, but there’s never been any competition. There’s a big age gap and we are two very different characters.”

She has earned the right to be considered a style icon in her own right, since the singer has established her own signature look and sound. The infamous “Cater-gate”elevator debacle further emphasized the vast difference between the two singers. Beyonce has always been the clean cut, sexy, yet gracefully, R&B singer. While Solange has long since been the funky, edgy, big hair-having ,bright -coloring wearing soul singer. In my opinion. Solange has never been in her sister’s shadow, because she has had a style all her own. Her .second album Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams in 2008 is clearly Motown inspired. The best thing about Solange is she recognizes, and celebrates the differences between herself, and her sister. The soul singer clealy admires her sister and draws inspiration from her. However, unlike many other artist with famed siblings never had to prove she was distinct by force feeding the public reason why she is vastly different from her sister and that is why she is and will forever be a true artist.

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“Breaking Bad” Spinoff show “Better Call Saul”?

20140620 233146 84706820 Breaking Bad  Spinoff show Better Call Saul?
“Breaking Bad,” spinoff show, “Better Call Saul,” is to focus on Walter White’s lawyer, Saul Goodman, before the two met. The show may even have some cameos from Breaking Bad stars like, Aaron Paul. The producers, in spite of their previous success with Breaking Bad, have released statements that show they aspire to create the show to have a separate identity from the Breaking Bad series.

The show has already been signed to its second season! The first season was set to air late this November, but has been pushed back to be released early 2015.

Can they recreate the same excitement they did with Breaking Bad? Us Breaking Bad fans will be watching!

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Does Blue Ivy Really Need to Comb Her Hair?

Beyonce blue ivy and jay z Does Blue Ivy Really Need to Comb Her Hair?
In 2009, Malia Obama traveled to Rome sporting natural twists. The Free Republic conservative grassroots activists referred to her as “ghetto trash, unfit to represent America.”

Here is yet another example of the conservative world war on natural hair: this time the victim is two-year-old Blue Ivy Carter, who is targeted because her multimillionaire parents, “Don’t do her hair,” according to the petition that called on Beyoncé to brush her daughter’s hair.

Having to manage and maintain black hair is hard enough without all of the public scrutiny. At this point, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are battling two different ideals. On one hand, they have to defend themselves against those who deem their daughter’s natural hair as dirty, messy, or unprofessional. On the other hand, if they relax her hair some will say she is trying to obtain European beauty standards because somehow relaxing your hair symbolizes self-hatred.

Black woman in general have always had to fight these ideals. Ingrid Banks, associate professor of Black studies at The University of California at Santa Barbara told The New York Times in 2009 that black women are targeted whether or not their hair is curly, kinky, silky, or straight.

When will it be alright for black women to be respected for whatever choices they make in regards to their hair?

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Zendaya Plays Aaliyah In Upcoming Biopic

uptown aaliyahzendaya Zendaya Plays Aaliyah In Upcoming Biopic

It has been announced that Disney star, Zendaya, will be playing the role of Aaliyah in her upcoming biopic. I think there are plenty of other people that will better fit the role, but let us see how well she does before we start throwing out ideas of who it should have been.The two do share a certain awkward resemblance, somewhat, minus the complexion. Spooky! Isn’t it? I must admit I am anxious to see how this movie turns out and what new things we learn about the deceased actress and singer.

Aaliyah passed away on Aug. 25, 2001 in a plane crash after shooting her last video “Rock The Boat.” The young star was 22-years-0ld when she passed.

The movie “Aaliyah: The R&B Princess” is said to air on Lifetime this fall. The film will be based on the best-selling book titled “Aaliyah: More Then A Woman,” written by former Time Magazine Music Editor Christopher Farley.

I cannot wait to eat popcorn and watch the magic happen, I hope.

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A Healthier (And Just As Sweet) Alternative To Sugar


coconut sugar in measuring spoons A Healthier (And Just As Sweet) Alternative To Sugar

To this day, the growing buzz in the food industry is the coconut palm sugar. People often confuse coconut palm sugar with palm sugar, which is an entirely different product. A lot of people have not heard about this amazing product, but it is gradually gaining familiarity in the market.

How is it made?

This revolutionary sugar is made out of  the sap which comes from the coconut flower. The sap creates the sugary circulating fluid of the coconut plant which is collected using two steps: 1. A cut is made on the flower of coconut palm which then releases the sap. 2. The sap is boiled until the water is evaporated.

The Nutrients

This sugar actually contains more vital nutrients besides the regular sugar like- vitamin C, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron,and copper. It also contains a trace amount of vitamin B called inositol which is often used as a mood booster. Regular sugar contains 50 percent of fructose in comparison with coconut palm sugar which only contains three to nine percent of it. It is important to keep the consumption of fructose as low as possible per day.

Who is it good for?

Coconut palm sugar can be considered as a sugar with a lot of health perks. It is also good for sweet-toothed diabetes patients due to the low amount of fructose.  This sugar is also low in glycemic impact which causes the blood sugar to rise. Even though it is sugar and our digestive system will convert it into glucose to create more energy, it is much better than any kind of other natural or artificial sweetener.

How it tastes?

It has a strong coconut taste since it is made out of the sap of the fruit. The sweet taste comes with a strong coconut flavor in whatever dessert or beverage you want to blend it in. Some people do not agree with the taste of coconut, so the bad news for them is the strong coconut essence in everything it blends in.

Cautionary Tale

There people in this world who are deathly allergic to coconut and since it is made from the coconut flower, it can be really harmful. The other problem with this sugar is the price. Health-conscious people will have to pay twice the price of any other natural sweetener products. It is expensive because of the making process and its organic nature provides the essential nutrients.

Besides all the benefits this sugar has to offer, there are still some skeptics and researchers out there who claim that cocnut palm sugar is the same as natural sugar, but the only difference it has is it comes with a lot more nutrients than any other sweetener can offer. The bottom line is this sugar provides us with guilt-free sweetness.

Source: Authority Nutrition, Livestrong, Weil | Image: Authority Nutrition

Angie Martinez Resigns From Hot 97


97 AngieMartinez IlyaSSavenok Angie Martinez Resigns From Hot 97

Long time Hot 97 radio personality and “Voice of New York” Angie Martinez suddenly resigns  from her position at Hot 97 to the surprise and shock of nearly everyone.

Today on Instagram, she makes a statement that basically alludes to her moving on to other more exciting things, “Today I resigned from HOT97. I am grateful to the Emmis family for my time with the company and the immeasurable way that it has shaped my life. We made history together in so many ways and I will cherish those memories and my friendships forever. This was one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever had to make but ultimately it is time to move on, to grow and to be challenged in new ways. Saying goodbye is always emotional and bitter sweet but I am extremely excited about the future. Thank you HOT97 and most importantly….the listeners… for an unimaginable journey. Today will be my last show ❤️ stay tuned…. Love, angie.”

As she just started her website, I can only imagine she is going to be in the words of the loud and boisterous Funk Master Flex, “So Digital!”


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[Watch] CW’s The Flash Trailer

The Flash [Watch] CWs The Flash Trailer

CW had “Smallville,” which centered on Clark Kent’s life before becoming Superman. Throughout that series was a gang of cameos by other DC superheroes early in their..superheroing (not a word?)

Once that series was over, CW dropped “Arrow,” following Oliver McQueen/Green Arrow, who had a recurring role in Smallville towards the end of its run. Arrow is still going strong, but DC decided to beat CW over the head with another superhero show. Insert The Flash.

While The Flash might not get the praise that Batman and Superman get, he’s still one of the most recognized DC heroes, and a fan favorite due to his playful and sarcastic personality. Plus who the hell wouldn’t want super speed? It’s awesome.

Grant Gustin now takes up the mantle as Barry Allen/The Flash, and he will most likely be trading cameos with Arrow on each other’s shows. Hopefully he does our beloved speedster good. Given what we’ve seen out of this trailer we’re in for a fun ride with occasionally cheesy ass graphics’s television. We’ll live. Let us know what you think.

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[Watch] Coca-Cola Friendly Twist

coca cola friendly twist hed 2014 [Watch] Coca Cola Friendly Twist

Coca-Cola Company decided to help some college freshmen break the ice by providing them with bottles of that sweet, carbonated goodness, which can only be opened by twisting off the cap with another person’s bottle cap. Insert the Coca-Cola Friendly Twist.

This is a unique, fun, and slightly awkward way of starting up a conversation and making new friends, which at the beginning of college can be hard to do. I wish they had this at my school back when I was there. It is practically a poontang gold mine, but I digress. Watch and share your thoughts.

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[Watch] Vic Mensa – Down On My Luck

vic mensa down on my luck video main [Watch] Vic Mensa   Down On My Luck

Up and coming Chicago rapper Vic Mensa sings a different tune than most of today’s Chi-town emcees. While they are off talking about illegal activity and loose women (thotties!which we do not mind to an extent), Vic speaks on his vulnerabilities, thoughts, and emotions. His music is reminiscent of Kanye West’s earlier work, who Vic draws inspiration from. This is all made clear through the song and video for his latest single “Down On My Luck,” one of the cooler videos I have seen in a while.

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We Are Perfection

Dermablend 598x340 We Are Perfection

We are not perfect, we came into this world with our own imperfections: some visible, some not so much. Makeup helped thousands of women throughout the years to look beyond the complexity of their imperfections to perfection. We all say we do not need makeup to hide our flaws, but sometimes the flaws can be so broad that people start looking at them first and judge without knowing you. Dermablend came up with this awesome campaign called “Camo Confession” where a few public figures revealed their true self without makeup and their struggles before using makeup.

Cheri Lindsey (right), a volleyball coach told her brave story of her struggle with the skin pigment discoloration disease called ‘Vitiligo,’ where she had to explain herself to the world every step of the way. Youtuber/model Cassandra (left) has an acute acne problem and she had to struggle with rants and taunts from her family and peers because of her appearance. Both women were eventually able to build up their confidence and a strong place in society where they stand on their own and are not afraid of revealing their true self to the world.

Makeup can help women to create an image where people are not judged by their  flaws and it gives everyone else the opportunity to create whatever image a person wants. Dermablend’s “Camo Confession” campaign called on everyone to submit a video revealing their beauty issue. With each video, Dermablend will donate $1.00 to the Look Good Feel Better charity which helps people with appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. Makeup helped women re-create their true self and it will be doing so in the future.

Source: Marie Claire | Image: SheFinds