The Veronica Mars We Knew


veronica mars 424x630 The Veronica Mars We Knew

A long time ago, we loved this show called “Veronica Mars,” and we never got over its questionable ending. When the show ended, there were rumors floating around that a movie was on its way and somehow the floating rumors sunk. All of a sudden,  we see a Kickstarter campaign last year, requesting for the fans to help to fund the movie. It is safe to say that the campaign was a huge success. With a little help from those die-hard Veronica Mars fans, we get to see an amazing finish to the series finale. With the series’ sudden ending, fans were left with so many unresolved questions: about the Mars love triangle and what happened to Veronica after college, as the ending was not too clear about her choice.

The movie opens with a glimpse of Veronica’s journey from the show in her perspective. Since day one, it has been a first person narration by Ms. Mars herself and the creators of the movie kept that going throughout the film. The reason we fans love the narration is that it lets us be a part of Mars’ jouney and it gives us an idea about what is going on in her head. When she started her new journey we see her living a normal life and applying for a boring law firm job until she takes a step back when she gets a call from her former lover Logan. 

The whole movie was filled with the right amount of suspense. The director intended for it to be another episode of the show and more intense than your average “Veronica Mars” episode. Fans funded this movie in order to find out what became of Mars’ love triangle and her friend circle. Throughout the movie, the creator gives the audience closure by tying up all the loose ends about the main characters. Through this investigation, Mars stalled on her new job and a life with her current boyfriend, Piz. During the movie, she admitted that she had an addiction like her mother, but it was not for alcohol. It was for the thrill of solving the chaos in people’s lives, especially when it came to the people that she loved. For example, even though Veronica Mars seemed to move on with her life in New York with Piz, she kept coming back to Logan, which was a reminder for her needs rather than her wants. The #TeamLogan versus #TeamPiz story arc was well played out in the movie.

The character development was impressive  in terms of the main character especially Logan who turned out to be the perfect man at the end of the day after everything he went through. As far as Mars’ character goes, she was always a little more mature than her age and Piz’s character did not evolve as much as we have seen since the finale. After Mars left everything in New York, at the end we get to see her embrace her true nature as an investigator.

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[Watch] Earl Sweatshirt Impersonates Joe Budden + Loiter Squad Season 3 Preview

earl sweatshirt joe budden jpg [Watch] Earl Sweatshirt Impersonates Joe Budden + Loiter Squad Season 3 Preview

Earlier this year, a pic of Odd Futurist Earl Sweatshirt impersonating Joe Budden’s trademark beard, vest, and all hit the interweb. Now, we see what the result of that was. Sketch comedy show “Loiter Squad” will be back on Adult Swim for Season 3, and Earl does a mean rendition of Budden from his days on “Love & Hip-Hop.” There is also a sizzle reel of what to expect from the upcoming episodes. This is must-see TV.


Source: Complex|Image: XXL

[Listen] Ed Sheeran – SING

 [Listen] Ed Sheeran   SING

This is probably not what most Ed Sheeran fans are used to, but it will make noise on the charts without sounding like most of the generic stuff that is out there. That is pretty awesome. Then again, Pharrell is behind this track, so of course it is something special. An upbeat, pop kinda deal, you can definitely nod your head to this. “SING” along if you want.


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[Listen] Lil Bibby – Dead Or In Prison

lil bibby dead or in prison [Listen] Lil Bibby   Dead Or In Prison

Chicago’s East side crack spitta (take that literally if you want) Lil Bibby is currently set to drop hit after hit since his Drake co-sign late last year. Here, Lil Bibby, 19, gives us “Dead Or In Prison,” which shows off his talent as a lyricist. Rap is thankful that he is in neither of those conditions. Shouts to C-Biz on a dope instrumental.


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[Watch] Asher Roth – Tangerine Girl

asherroth tangerinegirl [Watch] Asher Roth   Tangerine Girl

Do not be fooled by the hippie hair/headband combo; Asher’s got skills.

Asher Roth drops the video for his first single, “Tangerine Girl,” off the upcoming album Retrohash. The song is dope, yet simple; it is one of those songs that will randomly get stuck in your head for no legitimate reason. It definitely has a psychedelic rap-singing deal to it. The video is quirky and fun, but also kind of erotic. It is not your standard rap vid, but then again Asher Roth is not your standard rapper.

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Comedian Owed $90,000 in Damages After an Orgy Was Held in His Apartment

tumblr inline n2hg7yHAua1sblvuz1 Comedian Owed $90,000 in Damages After an Orgy Was Held in His Apartment

This individual, “David,” said he was hosting a party for his “brother and sister-in-law’s wedding” when in fact he was hosting a “XXX Freak Fest.”

For a gathering among 18 heavyset men and women who wore informal attire, disassembled furniture, appeared outside on the street and barred from the building by a very disturbed superintendent, it is hard to believe that this shindig was anything close to a brother’s or sister-in-law’s preparation for a wedding.

So here is the rundown: comedian Ari Terman used airbnb (a website that allows people to rent their home to travelers all around the world), to rent out his apartment to someone who claimed that his brother and sister-in-law needed a place to stay during a wedding. The truth was that he hosted a XXX  sex fest (an orgy, if you will), in Ari’s apartment, which resulted in almost $90,000 in damages. Some of the damages included wet furniture that was thrown out of one of the apartment windows onto the street. He had to call the police to remove the 18 large, naked men and women who were in the middle of having sex with each other.

After contacting airbnb, they apologized for the incident and paid back Ari almost $25,000 for the damages. They also paid for his stay in a hotel, and are currently arranging for his next living situation since Terman got evicted from his apartment. Other residents of the building are afraid for their lives due to the burly strangers who made their way into their building and still have access to the place. However, I highly doubt they will return. But why would they be afraid? Sounds fun to me. Hit the links for more details, and let us know what you thought about the situation.

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Long Island Men BASE Jump From The World Trade Center

Screen Shot 2014 03 25 at 4.19.50 AM 400x243 Long Island Men BASE Jump From The World Trade Center

Security over at 1 World Trade Center is apparently non-existent. Last week’s shenanigans included a teen break-in. This week featured a BASE Jump by a trio from Long Island along with one man from upstate New York who recorded and uploaded  the stunt to YouTube and various other video sharing sites. As reported by Newsday, these four men, deemed “thrill-seekers,” were pretty much in the same category as the 16-year-old who trespassed and got to the top of the Freedom Tower bypassing all security.

In the video (which was apparently recorded late last year), we see a parachute jump off of the Freedom Tower by Andrew Rossig, James Brady, and Marco Markovich all from Long Island as well as a fourth man, Kyle Hartwell, Long Island, acting as a look-out

Watch the crazy video below. (more…)

[Listen] Jay Electronica – We Made It Feat. JAY Z

Lupita NyongO BellaNaija 400x200 [Listen] Jay Electronica   We Made It Feat. JAY Z

Early this morning Jay Electronica tweeted this new track with Lupita Nyong’o accepting her award at The Oscars as the album art, very fitting for the track’s name. Get it? WE MADE IT. If you’re not already aware this track is a freestyle over Soulja Boy’s “We Made It”, featuring Jay Z.

The Internets BEEN yearning that new Jay Electronica for a long time and today we finally got it PLUS JAY Z!

Don’t scoff at my dedication to the best mind Brooklyn has ever released to Hip-Hop. I’m just ranting, but hopefully this We Made It Freestyle (which is a remix of a remix of sorts) is the precursor for The Album That Never Was by Jay Electronica.

Listen to Jay Electronica – We Made It Feat. JAY Z below. (more…)

Brownsville Brooklyn Father Killed On B15 Bus During Rush Hour


As reported by the Daily News, yesterday evening during rush-hour a fatal shooting occurred on the B15 bus that sadly led to the death of 39 year-old, Brownsville, Brooklyn resident Angel Rojas.

Rojas was unfortunately an innocent bystander in an altercation between teenagers, as young as 14, that led to chaotic gunfire leaving him shot in the head and ultimately dead.

 Brownsville Brooklyn Father Killed On B15 Bus During Rush Hour

News 12 Brooklyn Facebook

A 14-year-old fiend turned a city bus into a murder scene in the flash of a gun Thursday when his bullet meant for a rival killed an innocent Brooklyn dad instead, sources said.
Police took the teen, identified by relatives as Kahton Anderson, into custody and recovered a gun and six shells, cops said.
The alleged killer and some other teens were in the rear of Brooklyn-to-JFK bus No. 4184 when an apparent rival boarded and started walking toward them, sources said.
“One kid pulls out a gun and he lets off a couple of rounds,” a source said. “He’s running out of the bus, still letting rounds go, and this poor guy gets shot in the back of the head. He wasn’t the intended victim.”
Members of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Volunteer Ambulance Corps rushed Rojas, who still had a pulse, to Woodhull Hospital in critical condition, police and sources said.
But the mortally wounded man died there at about 7:50 p.m., police sources said.
Rojas’ wife of 13 years, Maria, fell to her knees sobbing in the living room of the family’s small second-floor Brownsville apartment when she found out her husband was dead, family members said.
The victim’s 12-year-old son, Saury, and 8-year-old daughter, April, also crumbled at their mother’s side. The young boy tried to make sense of the senseless.
“I’m 12, he’s 14. He was too small to be around a gun like that,” Saury said. “My dad would still be alive right now . . .”
Rojas uprooted his family from their native Dominican Republic and came to America four years ago in search of a better life that didn’t come easy.
The hard-working dad took the B15 bus every morning at 6 a.m. to his job at a fruit stand on Grand Ave., his family said. He worked a 12-hour shift before coming home to rest and get ready for his second job at a deli on Clarkson St.
“My dad was a nice guy. Every day he’d work for us. Every time he came home he used to come give me a hug,” said Saury, who had tears in his eyes.

This madness is amidst a kid getting past every layer of security at the new WTC as well as a rookie cop getting shot at by a guy that hopped on the bus without paying.

Our condolences go out to the Rojas family.

Read the more detailed article on the Daily News website.

Source: Daily News

NJ Teen Climbs World Trade Center Passing ALL Security

article 2585138 1C70A76B00000578 785 634x475 400x299 NJ Teen Climbs World Trade Center Passing ALL Security

New Jersey teen Justin Casquejo is a 16-year-old thrill-seeker who climbed large structures for the fun of it. He recently decided to conquer the mighty World Trade Center, as reported by The New York Post.

The teen managed to bypass ALL security  by getting through a small hole in the a fence surrounding the building. After this, he took an elevator to the 88th floor (THAT AN OPERATOR CONTROLS) and strolled past a SLEEPING security guard before climbing to the roof and posting numerous pics on his Facebook page (Go ZUCK!).


Casquejo was charged for criminal trespassing on Sunday for sneaking into the World Trade Center. Still, I would have to say he is not relevant as the whole site that got duped by a teen who scouted the place out with no sort of training at all. Meanwhile, this site is protected and watched over by not only the NYPD and The Port Authority Police Department, but an entire private security company for the inside as well as the outside.


Source: NYPost ||Photo: Facebook & Twitter, Justin Casquejo