Listen| Big Sean – “Paradise”, “IDFWU”, “Jit/Juke” & “4th Quarter”

bs Listen| Big Sean   Paradise, IDFWU, Jit/Juke & 4th Quarter

The past few months have been pretty interesting for hip-hop’s Detroit player. Between getting engaged to his actress girlfriend, to breaking off the engagement, then seeing her marry someone else less than a couple months later, getting a new girl, releasing a new sneaker, and now being signed to Roc Nation, his life seems anything but uneventful at the moment.

None of that stopped him from dropping 4 brand new songs in one day, with production from Kanye West, DJ Mustard, Mike Will Made It, and Key Wane, including one where he takes shots at his ex-fiancee. A great way to start things off with the Roc, and also ups the anticipation for his next album. Here are “Paradise”, “IDFWU” feat. E-40, “Jit/Juke” and “4th Quarter” (which we assume is the continuation to 1st Quarter) from Big Sean.


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Nicki Minaj Album Said To Have No Features

IMG 0165 Nicki Minaj Album Said To Have No Features

Nicki Minaj has released two singles from her forthcoming album said to be titled “The Pink Print,” “Anaconda,” and “Pills N’ Potions,” which have birth been accepted well by the public. The Queens rapper is really shedding it all and pumping up the creativity for her upcoming album sampling artist like Sir Mix-A-Lot on her song “Anaconda.” She stated that Drake has submitted some songs for the album but has not made a official song for the album as of yet.

In efforts to promote the album she has also covered Rae Sremmurd “No Flex Zone.”

She went on to tweet on August fifth, “Like I’ve said many times, There are NO features on THE PINKPRINT as of now. Just enjoying this creative process. #AnacodaOniTunes.”

Nicki last album didn’t do as well as she anticipated so let’s hope this album is better then the last and lives up to the hype.

Listen to her most recent cover for “No Flex Zone” here:


Rita Ora X Adidas Originals Collab

IMG 9577 Rita Ora X Adidas Originals Collab

Aug. 21 marks the date for the release of Roc Nation artist Rita Ora’s collaboration with Adidas Originals. The sportswear company already collaborated with artists such as Jeremy Scott and Teyana Taylor.

The line is streetwear inspired and features “R.O. (Rita Ora)” badges and logos on the collection pieces. The collection is said to feature items such as crop tops, sneakers, mesh skirts, etc. We have some examples of the work below:

IMG 9580 Rita Ora X Adidas Originals Collab

IMG 9578 Rita Ora X Adidas Originals Collab

IMG 9579 Rita Ora X Adidas Originals Collab



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Trash or Glam? Jhene Aiko’s New Hairstyle: Faux Locs!

Preparing for her upcoming album, Souled Out, singer, Jhene Aiko, has also changed her hair to faux locs!

How do you feel about the hair change? I personally think she looks gorge!

IMG 9576 Trash or Glam? Jhene Aikos New Hairstyle: Faux Locs!

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First Picture of Lil’ Kim’s Daughter “Royal Reign”

Lil’ Kim’s daughter Royal Reign is adorable!!! Looks more like her father though…

IMG 9575 First Picture of Lil Kims Daughter Royal Reign

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Dwayne Wade In Foreclosure!

IMG 9574 Dwayne Wade In Foreclosure!

According to TMZ, Miami Heat player Dwayne Wade’s Chicago house is in foreclosure! The bank is said to have sent notice of the foreclosure on Aug. 11. The $30 million per year player toppsed making payments on the $225,000 home.

The six-bedroom home located in South Holland, is where he once lived with ex-wife Siovaughn and their two kids until their divorce in 2007. After the divorce, he retained custody of the children but his ex-wife kept the house. Although, Siovaughn stopped making payments on the house after the settlement, the house remains in Wade’s name.

Tsk, tsk on Wade. He could have simply paid off the house so the mother of his children at least had a place of residence.

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[New Music] Wiz Khalifa ft. Nicki Minaj – True Colors

 wiz khalifa news article31213 m1 [New Music] Wiz Khalifa ft. Nicki Minaj   True Colors

Wiz Khalifa releases new single “True Colors,” featuring Young Money artist, Nicki Minaj.

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Solange Knowles; An Artist, All On Her Own

sk 266x400 Solange Knowles; An Artist, All On Her Own
Its only natural for siblings to be compared against each other, but what happens when your sister is one of the greatest R&B singer, and arguably the most iconic figure of the past decade? Well, chances are you’re Solange knowles. However, the comparison has always been unjust. Considering that the two have completely different styles and cater to different audiences. Solange states,in her interview with The Daily Mail;

“People think there should be this great rivalry between us, but there’s never been any competition. There’s a big age gap and we are two very different characters.”

She has earned the right to be considered a style icon in her own right, since the singer has established her own signature look and sound. The infamous “Cater-gate”elevator debacle further emphasized the vast difference between the two singers. Beyonce has always been the clean cut, sexy, yet gracefully, R&B singer. While Solange has long since been the funky, edgy, big hair-having ,bright -coloring wearing soul singer. In my opinion. Solange has never been in her sister’s shadow, because she has had a style all her own. Her .second album Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams in 2008 is clearly Motown inspired. The best thing about Solange is she recognizes, and celebrates the differences between herself, and her sister. The soul singer clealy admires her sister and draws inspiration from her. However, unlike many other artist with famed siblings never had to prove she was distinct by force feeding the public reason why she is vastly different from her sister and that is why she is and will forever be a true artist.

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“Breaking Bad” Spinoff show “Better Call Saul”?

20140620 233146 84706820 Breaking Bad  Spinoff show Better Call Saul?
“Breaking Bad,” spinoff show, “Better Call Saul,” is to focus on Walter White’s lawyer, Saul Goodman, before the two met. The show may even have some cameos from Breaking Bad stars like, Aaron Paul. The producers, in spite of their previous success with Breaking Bad, have released statements that show they aspire to create the show to have a separate identity from the Breaking Bad series.

The show has already been signed to its second season! The first season was set to air late this November, but has been pushed back to be released early 2015.

Can they recreate the same excitement they did with Breaking Bad? Us Breaking Bad fans will be watching!

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Rick Ross Has Dramatic Weight Loss

rick ross weight loss 01 Rick Ross Has Dramatic Weight Loss

Rick Ross has dramatic weight loss after undergoing staple stomach surgery, says a close affiliate to MMG according to MediaTakeout. The rapper, who was well-known for his size and performing with his shirt off decided to shed a few pounds, 300 pounds worth!

The surgery, though life-changing, has limited the eating habits of the self- proclaimed “Boss,” rapper. The surgery does require that he watches his food intake because to much eating can result in him throwing up.

Some may not agree with how he did it, but then again that is why we are all individuals. Regardless of how he lost the weight, a healthier Boss means more music on the way! Congrats Rick Ross!

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